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Cover Reveal - For Her Protection by Amber A Bardan

A sexy bodyguard upcoming release and a giveaway! 

Charlize Halifax has a big last name and even bigger duty to uphold. Left to pick up the pieces of her family’s haemorrhaging Communications Empire, there’s no time for distractions. But when her take-no-prisoners management style lands her in physical danger, distraction arrives in the form of infuriating body guard Connor Crowe.

Having crossed swords with him that very morning, she knows a man who thinks he can push her around has no place in her life—especially when his cave man heroics kick her libido into hyper drive.

Yet when the threat to Charlize’s safety becomes outright attack, she knows there’s only one man she’d trust with her life.

Resisting Connor’s intrusion into her life is easy, denying his affect on her body, now that’s another thing...


Author Bio

After spending years imagining fictional adventures, Amber finally found a way to turn daydreaming into a productive habit. She now spends her days as a graphic designer but her nights writing scintillating tales about heroes with tough exteriors, who are warm inside.

She lives with her husband and children in semi-rural Australia, where if she peers outside at the right moment she might just see a kangaroo bounce by.

WINNER of NTRWA ‘Great Expectations’ Award 2013

Goodreads | Website  | Twitter | Facebook Fan Page

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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Book Blast - An Element Of Time by Bebe Knight

A vampire, a slayer and a giveaway! Delicious!

An Element of Time
Eternal Flame Series: Book One
By Bebe Knight

A vampire and a slayer walk into a bar… Sounds like the beginning of a bad joke, but for Veronica and Mackenzie, it’s the beginning of the rest of their lives…

The world has seen its fair share of evil, but Veronica Chase had no idea such monsters truly existed. Werewolves, poltergeists, witches… even vampires. Ignorance was bliss. But her reality was crushed on that horrid day her family was taken away from her. Now, Veronica has devoted her entire life to hunting those very creatures, searching for the werewolf pack that murdered her parents in hopes of finding her abducted sister. Nothing will get in her way of settling the score for the hand she was unjustly dealt. That is until her newest assignment brings her to her knees.

After one hundred and eight years on earth, Mackenzie Jones thought he had seen it all. With the exception of daylight of course, but that’s what comes with the territory being a vampire and all. Perpetually damned to live his life as a bartender in the shadows of the night, nothing has sparked his interest lately. Just once he wished something exciting would happen in his mundane life. Little did he know, his wish was about to come true. Walking through the door to his bar, and into his heart, Mackenzie allows love to take the wheel for the first time. There’s just one slight problem. She’s there to kill him.


Author Bio

Bebe Knight is the author of the paranormal romance series, The Eternal Flame Books. She lives in Upstate NY with her husband and son. Writing has always been a part of her life whether it be books, plays, or handwritten letters to friends and family. It’s a dream come true for her to be able to share her stories with others.

She graduated from the State University of New York at Albany and holds a B.A. in Fine Arts and Art History. She is currently a member of the Romance Writers of America and has started working on the second book in this series. In her spare time, she also writes for her romance novel review blog at Reading Until I Fall Asleep 

Visit the Bebe Knight – Author Facebook page for more on The Eternal Flame Series or email her at

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | CafePress


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Blog Tour and Interview - Indecent Series by Stephanie Julian

I have an interview and a series of books for you today! Woot! 

I always love learning about the authors. Thank you, Stephanie, for joining me today :)

Tell us 5 things that make you happy. 

A great romance book. A perfectly cooked steak. A good Fuzzy Navel or Mojito.  A good run on a cool day. Making my husband laugh.

What makes your perfect man, perfect? What do you look for in a hero? 

The perfect man knows how to laugh, knows how to make a woman feel sexy, and has the confidence to handle any situation. Exactly what I look for (and found) in a man.

What qualities make up your least favourite heroine? 

The TSTL syndrome. Too stupid to live. If the heroine doesn’t even have the slightest bit of common sense, I can’t imagine why the hunky hero would even want to be with her.

Do you have any quirks? When writing, or otherwise?

If my desk is messy, so is my writing. Every couple of days, I have to clean off my desk so I don’t get distracted by all the stuff.

Do you have any hobbies that you take part in when you aren’t writing? 

I love to run. I’m not fast but I’m steady. And I love to run and plot. 

What do you like to read?

The same things I like to read with one exception. I love to read and write erotic contemporary and paranormal. And I love to read M/M. 

If you had to pick one of your characters to survive a zombie apocalypse with, who would it be and why? 

Kyle from KISS OF MOONLIGHT. He’d be able to keep me safe and he’s one of my favourite heroes. He’s quiet but he’s so damn smart and sexy.

Tell us a bit about how the idea for your book came about. 

The idea for AN INDECENT PROPOSITION came from my love of the Beauty and the Beast story. I knew I wanted to write my own version of that and I came up with the character of Erik pretty quickly. But what if there were two beasts? One with physical scars and one with internal scars? Two is always better than one, if you ask me. 

Which of the seven deadly sins are you most partial to? Which do you indulge in the most?

Gluttony. Definitely. Chocolate should be illegal.

Who is the person who most inspired you? Either in your life, or writing? 

My English teacher, Mr. Shaner. He’s the first person who made me believe I could be a writer.

Do you have a favourite quote? 

Finish the damn book.  

Can you tell us a little about your latest project? 

AN INDECENT PROPOSITION is a ménage and I love writing ménage. Two hot heroes. What’s not to love? Erik and Keegan are two very different characters but both are men I wouldn’t mind spending forever with. Jules is a woman who’s comfortable in her own skin and is strong enough to take on two men who have scars inside and out.

Last but not least, if you could be anyone else in the world, who would it be, and why? 

Nalini Singh, so I can know where she’s going with the Psy/Changeling series.

Ooh if you ever become Nalini, lend me the archangel Raphael for like, a year, or something. That man could dance with me over Manhattan any day ;) 

An Indecent Proposition
Indecent series
(The Complete Story)

One woman. Two men. Half a million dollars. One night...

One night. That's all Erik and Keegan want with Julianne. And they've come up with the perfect plan: Offer her a half-million dollars. Julianne is in debt up to her eyeballs due to her mother's illness. Five-hundred-thousand dollars would pay off her bills and give her a start on a new life. All she needs to do is have sex with a man she's never met.

An explosion left Erik with scars, physical and psychological. Work is his only refuge. Until he sees Julianne through a surveillance camera. And he discovers a desire he thought had been burned out of him. Keegan has watched his best friend retreat from the world for too long. If his desire for Julianne brings him back to life, Keegan will bring her to him, whatever it takes.

But what happens when the night is over? That's the best part of the story...

Amazon Barnes & Noble

By Private Invitation
Salon Games, #1

Antiques dealer Annabelle Elder’s life is nowhere near as passionate as the erotic art she collects. A cheating ex-boyfriend and her business have seen to that. So when she attends a New Year’s Eve party at Haven Hotel, she sees a chance to blow off some steam. But she never expected to meet anyone like Jared—or to experience such passion in his arms…

Handsome, rich, and charming as hell, Jared Golden brought his Midas touch to Haven Hotel—and created an anything-goes pleasure palace on one floor to cater to his special friends and their very special desires. After falling in lust with Annabelle at first sight, seducing her was easier than he expected. What he didn’t expect was to be seduced in turn…

But unrestrained passion in the bedroom is not the only spark between Annabelle and Jared. Their mutual attraction is confounded by their separate pasts. Caught in an ever-growing web of painful secrets and sensual fantasy, will they be able to face the truth about themselves and trust in true love?

AmazonB&N |Kobo | iTunes

No Reservations
 Salon Games, #2

Tyler Golden is all about control. It’s an attitude that helped him and his brother build Haven, a boutique hotel in Philadelphia. The only thing Tyler couldn’t control was his fiancée’s death. It left him emotionally guarded, and willing to go only so far with women: satisfying his sexual needs.

Kate Song knows the feeling. Her sole focus is her dream to be a lingerie designer. She’s not about to be distracted by any man. No matter who he is. Or how demanding. Or forceful. Or captivatingly sexy. Or so she thought.

Tyler has the power to make her dream come true. Who can say no to such a dominating personality? Who would want to? Not Kate. Offering her body for submission is one thing. But giving her heart and soul is another. Now Tyler may discover that the one woman who taught him to love again is the one woman he might not be able to keep.

Amazon | B&N | Kobo |  iTunes

Author Bio

I'm a recovering English major and a reformed reporter who enjoys making up stories much more than writing about real life. I write sexy series that combine heat with heart. The Salon Games series (BY PRIVATE INVITATION, NO RESERVATIONS, upcoming OVER EXPOSED) and AN INDECENT PROPOSITION are contemporary erotic romances. I also write five paranormal erotic series: Magical Seduction, Lucani Lovers, Forgotten Goddesses, Darkly Enchanted and Lovers on the Fringe. And I write the straight contemporary romance series, DeMarco Investigations.

I'm happily married to a Springsteen fanatic and I'm the mother of two sons who love me even when they don't have any clean clothes and dinner is whatever they can find in the fridge.

Website | Newsletter | Facebook | Twitter


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My 200th Post!

I can't believe I've had 200 posts, but it's awesome :)

Thank all of you, who follow and RT and share, you're helping authors spread their work and that is an amazing thing.

I love you guys. Mwuah!


Book Blitz - Non Friction by Morgan Parker

 An interesting piece...

non friction book blitz Banner  

Book Blitz

ebook image

Book Title: non fric·tion 
Author: Morgan Parker 
Genre: Romance 


After 12 years, 4 months and 1 and 1/2 weeks of marriage, his wife packs up and leaves with their daughter. So he writes an Indie novel. And it becomes a bestseller. Well, sort of. His fame brings him the lifestyle of a rockstar, and he has the fan mail (i.e. female undergarments, probably clean) to prove it. But seeing his fame, his wife suddenly believes in marriage counseling. Their homework: to create something beautiful for each other. So he writes Our Story, his literary secret-weapon that will win his wife back. But in the process he discovers that true love is more than just ticking the right boxes on a checklist, it starts with.....well.....}i{

  Meet the Author 

 Morgan Parker is the pen name for a shy and introverted banker. He currently divides his time between Toronto, Canada and his imagination. When he isn’t writing or working with clients or relaxing at Balzac’s with a medium non-fat cappuccino, Morgan Parker enjoys spending time with his family. And sleeping, preferably on a bed (the left side) but depending on the day, he can pretty much curl up anywhere. No, he is not currently accepting applications for cuddling partners.


  "You're not my words, Emma," I said, standing up and staring at the door while pretending to be gazing deep into her pretty hazel eyes. "But you're my numbers," I paused, listened, and figured she had fallen asleep. "You're my infinity."

Social Links

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Buy the Book

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Friday, 17 January 2014

Book Blast - Temptation By Fire by Tiffany Allee

A tasty excerpt and a giveaway! 

Genre:  Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Entangled Publishing (Ignite)
Release Date: December 30, 2013
Length: Novel


Visions of death haunt her . . .
Ava Keller sees the future. When she suffers a horrifying vision of a man's violent death, she knows from experience nothing she does will stop it from becoming a reality. But when she meets a strong, broken man, he makes her want to believe in second chances.

Vengeance consumes him . . .
Tortured by his past, Karson has worked tirelessly to wreak vengeance on the demons who murdered his family. But when Ava inadvertently disrupts his intricate plan for revenge, his focus shifts to an all-consuming need to keep her alive and in his arms.

Love could save their souls . . .

Thrown together by fate, Ava and Karson explore their new feelings and discover hope for the future. But they must battle the demons threatening humanity to find a destiny worthy of their love.

Amazon | B&N | Itunes | Kobo


“So who are these Venators? Are they like some sort of demon-hunting organization?” I asked
“They’re like a need-to-know organization,” Karson said.
“I haven’t held anything back from you.”
He shrugged and his hand dropped from my shoulder. “I’m trying to help you. That doesn’t give you the right to know everything about me.”
I opened my mouth to argue but he held a hand up, and his index finger touched my lips. The gesture was meant to shut me up, and it worked. In that moment every thought flew from my head. There was only him. The intense look in his eyes. The roughness of his skin on my mouth.
The immediate need that curled in my stomach.
What would it be like to be with a man like him? Rough and wild and freaking amazing, that was my bet. My body ached to find out. The rest of me knew better.
“You need to hide for a while. Then you can go back to your normal life. Promise me.”
With a quick jerk of my head, I promised.
Tension flowed out of him visibly, and a small smile touched his lips. “Good.”
And if I hadn’t already convinced myself that he was probably right, that laying low couldn’t hurt, his next words would have.

“Please don’t go back on your promise. Don’t make me watch them kill you.”

Author Bio

CPA-turned-romance-author Tiffany Allee used to battle spreadsheets in Corporate America, and now concentrates on her characters’ battles to find love. Raised in small-town Colorado, Tiffany currently lives in Phoenix, AZ, by way of Chicago and Denver. She is happily married to a secret romantic who tolerates her crazy mutterings.

She writes about ass-kicking heroines and the strong heroes who love them. Her work includes the suspense-driven From the Files of the Otherworlder Enforcement Agency series which revolves around a group of paranormal cops solving crimes and finding love, and Don’t Bite the Bridesmaid, a lighthearted paranormal romance (Entangled Publishing).

Tiffany has an MBA in accounting and nearly a decade of experience in corporate finance. All super useful stuff for a writer who spends far too much time trying to figure out fun ways to keep her characters apart, and interesting ways to kill people (for her books—of course!).

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