So...I’m not good at introductions. I generally babble through an awkward name exchange, or fall completely silent and hide behind the nearest friend. But I’ll give this a try. So.


A little bit about me and this blog.

I’m an author, I’m a reader, I’m an avid paranormal fan and have a thing for werewolves and gladiators. Like seriously. Give me Derek Hale and Crixus and I’m a happy girl. My guilty pleasures are reading TV Show fanfiction and prowling the internet for inspirational pictures, and my taste in music crosses nearly every genre. I’m a song lover, not an Artist lover. Meaningful lyrics will get me addicted in no time. I’m a sucker for something I can write to, and if it gives me insane feels, all the better.

I have a lot of feels.

Now, about the blog. It will be a lot of things. It’s where I review books I’ve read, and since I know how hard it can be to get your written baby out to the public, I’ll be tweeting daily about all sorts of romance and erotica books and I’d love to promote you too, just get in touch :)

I’m always looking for new things to read. And I’d love to get some recommendations.

I’ll read almost anything, but, like anyone, I have favourites in PNR, Urban Fantasy and Historical. I can be easily hooked on something new; if you have a good blurb, I’ll want to read. If you don’t, give me a few reasons, tell me why I should read it, and I’m pretty easily persuaded :P


To authors, readers and any one else in the book industry, Hi and enjoy.

Email me with any questions, review requests or any other booky requests :) sevendeadlysinspromotions@gmail.com

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