Sunday, 24 February 2013

BOOK REVIEW: For The Love Of A God by Rosanna Leo


For The Love Of A God by Rosanna Leo (Published 2012 by Liquid Silver Books)

Hades hath no fury like a bunny-boiler scorned. 

Highly enjoyable and entertaining romantic comedy.
For me this was the book equivalent of a feel-good chic-flick you'd watch with your girlfriends. Yes, it's a bit silly and cheesy and predictable and the distressed damsel swoons regularly (yes literally) into the hero's waiting arms, but the characters are so engaging and the witty banter so entertaining that you really just don't care.
Leo's writing style is a joy to read.
I'll admit I normally gravitate towards darker stories, but I've also had a thing for the Greek Gods since my teenage years when I took Classical Studies in school, and Leo's Eryx is delicious. I readily identified with Maia, the female MC, who is intelligent, geeky, self-possessed and highly likeable.
I especially enjoyed the first half of the book, and the rapport between the main characters. Later on, the action rather eclipsed those charming interludes, and whilst the action was very well written, I found myself lacking that gut-wrenching feeling I love when the characters are in peril. Maybe because the light-hearted style left me in no doubt whatsoever that the HEA was on its way.
All in all a sweet, romantic guilty pleasure.
Highly recommended read.


Things you might hear a character say: 'Great Poseidon's crotch! She had nothing to wear.'

Laugh out loud moment: 'Eric's cock shot up like one of Poseidon's dolphins, shooting towards the surface of the water.'

4.5 throbbing hearts: Heat rating: 2 Saintly Sinner

Disclosure: Reviewer purchased the book from Amazon

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