Monday, 11 March 2013

BOOK REVIEW: The Kiss by Sotia Lazu

BOOK REVIEW of The Kiss by Sotia Lazu



This was a free book I picked up on a recommendation from Goodreads.

I wasn’t disappointed.

This book is short, sweet, hot and a bit of a mystery, which I loved.

Eliza is out on a first date, when the lights go out and someone other than the man she's out with takes advantage of the dark to kiss her more passionately than she’s ever been kissed before.

Since the mystery kisser has to be one of the men sitting nearest to her, Eliza is now determined to kiss as many frogs as she needs to until she finds her prince.

Needless to say, this kiss leads Eliza to narrow down the field of would-be kissers and embark on a few dates that were surprisingly relatable. In other words: BAD. But for amusingly different reasons. I enjoyed all the characters, who were, for a short story, well developed, individual personalities that were real. It was well written, easy to read, and I stayed in the bath even after the water went cold because I wanted to finish it. The mystery is set up well, but the kisser revealed a little too early for me to feel all the tension I would have liked. A bit more ambiguity or vague implications surrounding the identity would have made it all the more enjoyable. Draw it out a bit more and I would have loved it.
The hero was brilliant, complicated, human, mistake-riddled, but so believable. We’ve all been stupid in love and for love and this guy encompasses all that. He’s also pretty hot, and knows how to treat a girl right in the bedroom. Major plus.
The sex was sexy, which it should be, fun and easy and smoking. The author knows how to write passionate kisses and complex characters and lusty scenes that make you want to read more.

Definitely worth purchasing and I look forward to reading more from this author.

I awarded it 4 Throbbing Hearts and heat rating of 4 Sinfully Hot 

Disclaimer: Author bought Amazon copy

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