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BOOK REVIEW - Guardian For Hire by Christine Bell

BOOK REVIEW: Guardian For Hire by Christine Bell

I've always loved bodyguard romances.
There's always action, tension and friction that makes for great sex ;)
Overall, this book didn't disappoint my expectations.

Sarabeth Lucking's life is turned upside down when the couples’ retreat she works for winds up embroiled in the biggest scandal of the year. With her reputation in tatters, she can’t imagine things getting worse, until her former co-workers are rubbed out, and a bad-ass, ex-Army Ranger shows up hell-bent on protecting her. She shows him the door, perfectly content with letting him go find someone else to brood over. Right up until her car explodes into a ball of flames...
Gavin McClintock grew up on the streets of Edinburgh, so protecting Dr. Stick-Up-Her-Rear isn't on his bucket list. Still, a promise is a promise, and, after her brush with death, he’s going to do whatever it takes to keep Sarabeth safe. When she finally sheds her librarian-in-mourning look in favor of a sexy new disguise, the revealing clothes and new hairdo bring out the spitfire she's been hiding beneath that shell of propriety. Maybe the doc isn’t the only one in need of protection…

We have sexy, surly Scotsman, Gavin, a huge man mountain who's dead set on doing his job and not in the mood for his latest client.
Sarabeth, call her Sara on pain of death, I didn't like her at first. She's a little whingy, and when someone is doing their damnedest to keep you alive, you shouldn't be moaning at them about a dye  and trim job (you'll understand when you read it). She soon got her act together though and I was actually glad because I was  getting frustrated.
I was having trouble imagining why a man like Gavin would be attracted to her when she was like she was. The author developed her nicely, we get to see the backbone and I ended up rooting for them.
Now. I'm going to say that the sex was hot, because it was, and apart from a few choice words which don't push my personal buttons in the way of erotic scenes, they are tasty together, the strain of hiding and death threats a perfect catalyst for explosive scenes. There was one thing lacking for me in this though, even when everything was resolved, I was still expecting a bit more. I cant put my finger on it.
Anyway, all in, this is a steamy, exciting read that I enjoyed once I got into it and you should add it to your TBR pile for sure. :)

I awarded this 4 Throbbing Hearts and a heat rating of Sinfully Hot.

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Disclaimer: I received this from the publisher free in exchange for an honest review

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