Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Release Day : The Spirit by Harper L Jameson

I know I've been off here for quite a while, but life has settled down and I can finally devote some time back to my little blog.
And there is no better way for me to come back than with an author I am so proud of. One of my best friends has finally achieved author status with her very first publication and it is awesome. So check her out and give her a follow, and if it sounds like your kind of sexy, give her book a buy :)

Before the white man settled the Appalachians, he stood over the people of the Tribe, providing all they needed to flourish in the shadow of the mountains.
The many tribes have given him many different names. Wakan Tanko. Maheo. To the people that first hunted the corner of Appalachia known to later generations as Wright’s Holler, he was Weshemoneto, the Great Spirit.
To Anna Madeline Wright, he would simply be Wes.
Born in the holler that bore her name, “Annie” Wright came from people that had learned to live on the land, people who believed in the magic saturating the woods around them. People who knew how to survive.
Circumstance of birth gave her power. Her skills gave her respect. Her magic gave them hope. In a town not yet influenced by the progress of the industrial revolution, Annie was a pauwau. A witch.
But, the winter of 1836 hit the town of McAllen hard and with her people in danger of annihilation, Annie called on the spirits for the power to save them. Her desperation called Weshemoneto himself and when they collided, she had to make a choice: Lose her town or lose her heart.
What happened next would become the stuff of legend for centuries to come.

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